“If we don’t get it, burn it down!”

I woke this morning to news of Senator Rand Paul and his wife Kelly being chased by an angry mob of rioters last night enroute to their hotel room in DC. The irony of the incident wasn’t lost on me, nor on Senator Paul.

When they chose him as a target, they chose a very wrong target. Senator Paul has recently campaigned for police reform, not defunding, but reform. And more importantly, he was one of the bravest members of the Senate a few years back, when he filibustered against the so called “Patriot Act” which gives authority to government agents to subvert the basic human rights defended in the US Constitution, for the sake of “security.” Notabley, the Patriot Act was signed into law in the aftermath of 9/11 by President George W. Bush. However, an earlier version of the Act was engineered by the “people’s new hero”, none other than Joe Biden, who, in 2002, claimed that he “wrote the Patriot Act.”

So the rioters made Rand Paul a target. To use Senator Paul’s words: “they are idiots.”

Two posts for today, one a repeat of an earlier post, the 1984 interview of Yuri Bezmenov, KGB defector, who in a lengthy discussion of psyops to destabilize a country, predicted the future with alarming clarity, for those of us who actually are attempting to think critically among the chaos.

One issue discussed by Bezmenov rings personal to me in particular, the statement that the indoctrinated will not listen to facts. This has happened time and time again to me, in discussion with Trump haters. Confused to the point that their only responses are silence (preshadowing the “cancel culture”) and “shouting you down”, which is the basic technique of the rioters.

The quote that I used as today’s headline is a chant used last night by the “peaceful protestors” who tried to mob Rand Paul. The “it” they refer to is supposed to be justice. Ill defined, and the mob’s justice is often anything but. Perhaps if we all took a knee, proclaimed all people of color superior in all ways, and gave up our money, property and lives?

Bezmenov: Here’s How We Take Over Countries Without War: 1-20 Years of “Demoralization”, 2-5 Years of “Destabilization”, then 6 Weeks of “Crisis”.

Leave a Comment / By Seth Grossman / March 19, 2020

Yuri Bezmenov was one of several high ranking Russian KGB agents…..

And this one is a good example of propaganda, when you realize that the Paris Accord, which Trump pulled the US out of, is voluntary and that the US produces 15% of CO2 emissions, not to mention that the author of the piece quotes individuals predicting a “millenia” of disasters. Yet another psychic seeing into the future:


A second Trump term would mean severe and irreversible changes in the climate

No joke: It would be disastrous on the scale of millennia.By David Roberts@drvoxdavid@vox.com  Aug 27, 2020, 10:41am EDT

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No Joke, but little truth too.

I wish you peace and freedom.

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